Pediatric Treatments

Children of all ages cannot tolerate the idea of dentists. Your kid fears the long dental procedure and will not sometimes be cooperative with the doctor. Well, at our Clinic with our trained pediatric dentists, we understand the psychology of your child. We have the patience and the experience to work with your kid and make their dental appointment a comfortable, safe journey.

Our Pediatric doctors are well trained to perform basic to complicated procedures for the maintenance of your child’s dental health. Our Clinic offers a list of pediatric services that can catch your interest:

  • Oral exam for children: after our doctor’s bonding with your child, our doctor will start the oral examination of evaluating your child’s dental health.
  • Kid’s teeth X-rays: although X-rays for dental visualization are small and safe, we care for your kid’s health and our doctors try their best to reduce the frequency of X-ray radiation.
  • Fluoride Varnish and Fissure sealants: Dental Decay is formed from the sugary food your kid loves to eat. To maintain your kid from internal decay in their permanent teeth from this young age, our doctors apply Fluoride Varnish (a sticky paste) or Fissure Sealants ( a resin adhesive) to protect your kid teeth from the sugary food that increases the possibility of decay.
  • Kids’ Fillings, Root Canals, and Crowns: if your child has an ongoing decay, our doctors are fully equipped with modern technology and best practice to give your kid the pleasure of future long-lasting dental health.
  • Extraction and Space Maintainers: Because the Extraction procedure is a scary nightmare to the kids, our team has the patience and the understanding of their fear; with their good communication, they can reassure your kid about the procedure.

Sometimes your kid needs Extraction for their primary tooth because of overcrowding on the mouth that affects the permanent teeth emerging, or a persistent primary tooth that has not fallen on its time.

Space Maintainers are simple posts that hold the space between teeth for emerging an uncomplicated permanent tooth. Our doctor has a clear vision to decide which is convenient for your child.

  • Prophy: children’s prophylaxis treatments are necessary for preserving good oral health and developing good dental hygiene habits at this young age. Scaling and flossing plaques and stains from your kid’s teeth are important to save you and your kid from possible decay that can need a more serious intervention. We care to present a joyful and stress-free visit to our Clinic.

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